Batch 3 (2020)

In 2020, we gave scholarships to 15 women to do a Udacity Nanodegree, and 10 women to complete a course on Educative. Within the given time, 12 women were able to complete their Udacity Nanodegrees and 6 women were able to complete their Educative courses.

Ifunanya Obieli

Product Manager Nanodegree

“This scholarship came just at the right time! A few weeks before Ire’s Udacity scholarship was announced, I discovered Udacity had begun the Product Manager Nanodegree course. Product management was a field I was trying to get better at therefore, I was constantly on the lookout for resources or materials that could help me grow. I applied for the scholarship with high hopes that I would get it and so, you can imagine my excitement when I got the congratulatory email. The Nanodegree has equipped me with the skills I need to excel as a product manager. It has been an amazing three months of learning through a course progression with varying skill sets to be gotten from each one. I would not be able to talk about my year without including how much I have gotten from this course. I remain grateful for the opportunity and cannot wait to share more stories of my journey with you..”

Karen Okonkwo

Full Stack Developer Nanodegree

“For the 4 months I took the Full-Stack Development Nanodegree, I learnt so much and was exposed to so many concepts. My goal was to fill up the gaps in my knowledge, learning the things I didn’t know while also solidifying the things I did know. The Nanodegree ended up being much more than a platform to learn the required technical skills. It taught everything that was needed to get from learning the skills, to putting myself out there - in a position where my skills would be seen. I’m definitely much more confident in my skills and I can’t wait for the amazing things that come next.”

Anuoluwapo Olurombi

Frontend Developer Nanodegree

"Getting the IA scholarship to take the Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree for 4 months during the pandemic helped me have a structured direction during this period. I was able to have great understanding of some concepts which I didn't have idea of prior to this and worked on several projects. I am really grateful to Ire for this opportunity."

Linda Ikechukwu

Cloud Developer Nanodegree

"The Cloud Developer Nanodegree was definitely enlightening. It offered clarity on a lot of cloud-related topics I had been struggling with. My favourite part was the Serverless Computing module. After completing the course, as a bonus, I also gained a deeper understanding of React since most of the projects were built with it. I now feel more confident in my skills."

Loveth Chidi

Android Developer Nanodegree

"Completing the Android Developer Nanodegree program in one month has increased my confidence a lot and my skill as well. It helped me believe in myself and be able to apply to jobs without the fear of rejection. I got promoted at my job, connected with amazing people and also became a co-founder to an already scaling application. The experience was worthwhile and I will always be grateful for the opportunity"

Seghe Momodu

AI for Trading Nanodegree

"Receiving the IA scholarship and dedicating 6 long, gruelling months of completing the projects and coursework that came with the Artificial Intelligence for Trading Nanodegree has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. I had recently worked with a team of software developers to build a robo-advisory application when I heard of the IA scholarship. My initial intent was to learn more about Quantitative Finance but nothing prepared me for the excellent project-based teaching methods at Udacity, the impressive course content and efficacious project reviews. Going forward, I have launched a project to apply my learnings on an identified problem in the Nigerian financial market. The project, still at its foetal stages, is an ambitious one. I am really googly-eyed with anticipation about the future."

Uzoamaka Anyanwu

Cloud Developer Nanodegree

Aminat Yakubu

React Nanodegree

Isiwat Adenopo

Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree

Nafisah Abdulkadir

Data Analyst Nanodegree

Blessing Iloh

UX Designer Nanodegree

Khaulat Abdulhakeem

Deep Reinforcement Learning Nanodegree