Batch 2 (2019)

In 2019, we gave scholarships to a total of 10 students. All 10 students successfully completed their Nanodegrees.

Princess Nancy Okonkwo

Digital Marketing Nanoegree

“So far, completing the Nanodegree has been a major stepping stone for me both in my career and business. The nanodegree helped my career to be more defined and gave me the confidence I needed to pitch myself to potential employers and companies I’ve always wanted to work in as well as advancing my portfolio. It’s been a beautiful journey so far. I’m not where I want to be at the moment but I’m even more certain about a great tomorrow. Thanks to Ire for the amazing opportunity.”

Ifeoma Okoh

Data Scientist Nanoegree

“ Receiving the IA scholarship and dedicating 3 months working on all the problems and projects that came with the DSND course has boosted my confidence in tackling more data science problems and fighting impostor syndrome. I can’t stress enough how great their philosophy of teaching is and how important it was for my development. Going forward I have started working with some AI for social good groups in applying my skills to help solve real world problems around us and this is exciting for me because it's one of the things that drove me in entering this field, I cant wait for other things I will do with this skill I've acquired and to share the stories with you!”

Doyinsola Ajala

Intro to Programming Nanoegree

“I applied for the Udacity Scholarship at a time in my career where I needed direction. Through this program I was able to grasp and understand Introduction to programming. The Nanodegree gave me a better understanding of core programming concepts. Now, I have a solid foundation I can build my career on.“

Mofetoluwa Adeyemi

Machine Learning Engineer Nanoegree

“Getting the Ire Aderinokun scholarship was a golden opportunity for me. Prior to getting the scholarship, I had an interest in Machine Learning, but my learning path wasn’t consistent. On getting the scholarship and starting the Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree course on Udacity, I became more committed and encouraged. The next three months of taking the course were the most memorable for me in the year 2019. Taking the course on Udacity also made it easier for me to look into starting my career in Machine Learning. The experience so far has been remarkable and is one I would always be grateful for.”

Eniola Ipoola

Android Developer Nanodegree

"The Udacity Nanodegree Scholarship for me, was a preparatory ground for higher responsibilities at work. Before the completion of the program, I have grown enough for my boss to recommend me for a higher role/responsibility. Also, the rich course content gave me a solid understanding of Android Engineering and Architecture. I am confident in my skills, It is amazing to know you can apply for any opportunity anywhere."

Chiamaka Osumgba

Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree

Praise Onyehanere

Data Analyst Nanodegree

Chidimma Nwanya

Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree

Hamdalah Hanafi

Marketing Analytics Nanodegree


Business Analytics Nanodegree