Batch 1 (2018)

In 2018, we gave scholarships to a total of 7 students. 4 students successfully completed their Nanodegrees within the given time frame.

Halimat Mercy Oseni

Machine Learning Nanodegree

β€œThe IA Udacity Scholarship helped me to study and understand the fundamentals of AI/ML and having a beyond-the-basics knowledge of how it works. The Machine Learning Nanodegree was an eye-opener and an advanced course which helped me to understand Machine Learning. At my current role as a Back-end Developer(Ruby/RoR), I haven't explored hands-on practice with my ML knowledge. However, I'm looking forward to advancing my studies and working as an AI/ML Expert in the nearest future.”

Blessing Orazulume

Virtual Reality Nanodegree

"One of the best decisions and efforts I ever made was applying for the IA Udacity Scholarship. It really pushed me to grow both technically and personally. I was curious to learn more and understand the uniqueness of Virtual Reality, and the scholarship played a fundamental part in shaping my curiosity into reality. I was privileged to also tell my story at the Google Women Techmakers 2019, which held in Lagos Nigeria, and I couldn't have done this without the confidence and knowledge I had gotten from the scholarship."

Joy Ajuluchukwu

Digital Marketing Nanodegree

β€œI wanted to focus on an area - digital marketing - and I applied to the Ire Aderinokun Scholarship in June 2017. I got it. For me, the major thing it did for me was boost my confidence in my skills. I was always doubtful about what I could do but upon completing this the doubts were reduced.”

Nnubia Ogbuefi

Intro to Programming Nanoegree

"The Introduction to Programming Nanodegree helped me to get my feet wet in the programming world. The Udacity Nanodegree allowed me to understand different programming languages and pick the best option. Without it, I probably would have a misaligned interest."