Batch 5 (2022/23)

In 2022/2023, we gave scholarships to 17 women to do a Udacity Nanodegree. Within the allotted time, 14 women were able to complete their Nanodegrees.

Ebubechukwu Obianaso

Cybersecurity Nanodegree

“Receiving the IA scholarship with which I took the Introduction to Cybersecurity Nanodegree really helped me figure out what part of Cybersecurity I’d like to carve a niche for myself in (GRC) and kept me busy during a very important waiting period of my life. But most importantly, this nanodegree has been a great addition to my résumé and based partly off its strength, I have landed a role as Legal (Privacy & Security) Intern at one of Nigeria’s foremost Open Banking fintechs. I am excited to continue learning and building an exciting path leveraging my legal background and interest in Data Protection, Privacy & Cybersecurity. I remain grateful for the head start the IA scholarship has given me and look forward to a challenging career ahead.”

Theresa Obamwonyi

Cloud Developer Nanodegree

"Receiving the IA Nanodegree scholarship has greatly improved my career. While I was going through the 4 months of training, I had multiple encounters with using Cloud Services at work, and the knowledge gathered from the Cloud Developer Nanodegree gave me enough confidence and Knowledge to excel in that role. I am also confident in my ability to handle a Cloud/DevOps Role in the near future.”

Celeste Ojatula

UX Designer Nanodegree

“At work, I had started getting product design related tasks. It was something I was very interested in and wanted to finally pivot into, but for the longest time, I didn’t understand the rationale behind the newsletters or nano sites I was designing.

Taking the Udacity course changed that perspective. It was the proper “Aha!” moment where I finally understood how products were built and the amount of research put into it. And I realized I could solve the an age long project that I didn’t think was plausible. I’m grateful for the opportunity and I am certain that you will learn so much too.”

Maryam Oyeyiola

Natural Language Processing Nanodegree

"Receiving the Udacity NLP nanodegree scholarship from Ire Aderinokun and the generous sponsors has been an incredible opportunity for my career. This scholarship has helped me solidify the knowledge and skills I need to excel in the field of Natural Language Processing. I've gained a thorough understanding of NLP concepts, machine learning and deep learning techniques, and their practical applications. It has not only expanded my horizons but also opened doors to exciting opportunities in NLP research. I'm immensely grateful for this scholarship, which has been a significant stepping stone in my journey toward becoming an NLP engineer. I can't thank Ire and the sponsors enough for making it happen.”

Chibundum Adebayo

Deep Learning Nanodegree

“The IA Scholarship for the Udacity Deep Learning Nanodegree came at the perfect time. The program provided me with the practical knowledge and structure I needed to understand the state-of-the-art techniques I used to struggle with. The projects were highly technical and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Now, I am confidently building the personal projects I had in mind. After completing the program, it was also exciting to qualify for roles I previously could not apply for due to my knowledge gap. I am grateful for the Udacity scholarship and the growth I have experienced.”

Omobolade Olagunju

Business Analytics Nanodegree

I first applied for the IA scholarship in 2021 and was unfortunately unsuccessful. In 2022, I was at a crucial point in my career where I was trying to iron out the details of the specific path I wanted to take. Upon identifying the steps I would need to take to get to where I wanted, I decided to apply for the scholarship again. From my perspective, the difference between my first application and the second one was that I was much clearer on what I wanted to do and why I needed the scholarship to help me achieve my goals. Through the Business Analytics course, I learnt the importance of data, the basic concepts, the necessary tools, and, most significantly, how to analyse data. Particularly, I thoroughly enjoyed learning how data can be used to tell a story through the “Data Visualisation in Tableau” course. The career path I want to explore requires an intersection of multiple fields. As such, armed with the knowledge I have gained from this course, I look forward to finally being able to merge everything and reach the crucible of my career.”

Ugochi Anoka

Ethical Hacker Nanodegree

“First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to all the organizers and volunteers of the IA Scholarship program. The Nanodegree has definitely improved my Ethical hacking skills.I have gained more confidence in my skills by having this Nanodegree.The Nanodegree has significantly increased my visibility and recognition within my field, getting more people to know me and my expertise. I have taken and passed one certification exam (ELearn Junior Penetration Tester - EJPT) since then. Thank you so much for the support and for the opportunity.”

Tolulope Ogundele

Data Privacy Nanodegree

Oluwatosin Ganiyu

Digital Project Management Nanodegree

Laura Kubiat

Front End Web Developer Nanodegree

Khadijah Amusat

Blockchain Developer Nanodegree

Judith Anosike

Product Manager Nanodegree

Fatima Jimoh

React Nanodegree

Chidinma Emihe

Data Product Manager Nanodegree